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Event Archive

I-WE Socials: How the members unwind

The women in I-WE, also spend time to network with one another and celebrate momentous occasions. The organization helps to promote a heathy work-life balance by having socials where passions can be pursued for members to lead a healthier, happier, more balanced and purposeful life.

I-WE Wishes All A Happy Diwali

I-WE joined the Indian community in celebrating of one of the biggest festivals Diwali. This celebration was very significant this year, as it was a beautiful way to share light and hope during the pandemic.

I-WE Meet with the Ambassador

The women of I-WE met with H.E. Amb. Shambu Kumaran and 1st Secretary Mr. Nishikant Singh. This online meeting was filled with rich insights and discussions on focus areas for building a dynamic organization in the Philippines.