Indian Women in Enterprise
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is I-WE?

    I-WE is a not-for-profit organization providing a platform in the Philippines dedicated to women in enterprise. It aims to empower women’s entrepreneurial and professional spirit to its highest potential.

  • What does I-WE stand for?

    I-WE stands for Indian Women in Enterprise. It represents all women of Indian origin*, living and working in the Philippines. They may be entrepreneurs, professionals or looking for opportunities to get into the world of enterprise.

  • How did I-WE get started?

    I-WE is the brainchild of a dynamic group of women who felt the need for a forum for networking, sharing ideas and knowledge exchange and wanted to build such a platform for the benefit of the community.

  • Who is I-WE for?

    I-WE is for all women who are looking to expand their horizons. Whether you want to find growth opportunities professionally or for your business, are looking to expand your knowledge, or engage and collaborate with other women, I-WE is for you.

  • How do I become a member?

    Drop us a line to inquire about membership or visit our Facebook page.

  • Can non-members also attend events?

    Events range from member-exclusive to those for the benefit of the community at large. Non members can attend selected events for a minimal fee. Apply for membership to ensure complete access to all events.

  • How can being a member of I-WE help me in my individual field?

    I-WE organizes events tailored to suit the needs of all members, whatever your area of interest may be. I-WE has three main focus areas: Enrichment, Development and Collaboration. Please see Our Manifesto page for more details

  • Can my membership be transferred?

    Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable.

  • How long is the I-WE membership valid for?

    Membership is valid for a calendar year and is renewed every year. However, for first time members, who join in the middle of the year, can opt to pay the applicable quarterly membership fee. This facility is not available to returning members.  

  • Are all I-WE events free for members?

    While some I-WE events are free, others may have  minimal charges. Our events include networking meet-ups, career fairs, workshops, wellness sessions and skill enhancement sessions.

  • Can I advertise my business through I-WE? How?

    Through our events you have the platform to reach out to Indian community in the Philippines to promote your business through I-WE events.

  • Will I-WE assist to get employment in the Philippines?

    I-WE provides a forum for professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to meet like minded people with whom they can network and learn more about the job market, opportunities available and best practices. 

  • Is I-WE for men too?

    I-WE individual membership is for aspiring and accomplished women in enterprise. However experts from various fields, regardless of gender, will be invited to events to share their knowledge and expertise.