Indian Women in Enterprise


Kavita wished that she had guidance on career opportunities and a forum for like minded women when she moved to the Philippines a decade back. I-WE is a platform for aspirants and dreamers to find a space that thay have always been looking for.

Sharon wished that that when she was starting her business, she had the guidance of a real-life mentor and an avenue to meet and learn from other Indian women business owners on how to manage key resources as well as build a strong and understanding support system. I-WE is a platform for entrepreneurs to build connections and provide support.

Priya wished she had a genie to help her balance the role of mother, teacher and professional with ease. I-WE is a platform for working women to support each other.

Geeta Keswani wished that she could network with and hang out with a group of professional women, who have experience and advise to share about having a career.

As a woman with an Indian background born in the Philippines, I-WE is a platform that provides support and understanding.

As a business owner working in the Philippines, Bhavna Lal Thakur wished she had a support system to learn from and consult with. I-WE is a platform for like-minded women to help one another grow.

Shabina Saundh wished that when she moved to Manila 12 years ago that there were people from similar backgrounds to exchange ideas on what avenues exist and what works and what doesn’t work in the local context. I-WE is a platform for women to gain knowledge and support about the local country context.

Beena wished that when she came to the Philippines there was a group that can help you to start a life in a new country. Beena has faced her trials and errors and has risen up but the journey was not easy. I-WE is a group for women who are starting in life. Tag someone who had to start a new life just like Beena!

Vaishali wished she had an avenue to get some startup guidance, legal help and professional contacts when she started her new business in 2014. I-WE is a platform for professional women to make each other’s life easier.

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